How do I Find out whats crashing my computer

I have an Rig with these specs:

CPU: amd athlon ii 445 rana
CPU Heat sink: Standard
GPU: HiS IceQ H567Q1GD radeon hd 5670 1GB 128bit gddr5
MOBO: a770e3 biostar
PSU: 460w cooler master elite
Case NZXT gamma

How can I figure out what is crashing my PC thanks.

happens sometime when lookin through pics on facebook, but computer can sit and idle fine and it wont crash but happens everytime when gaming.

i think the problem might be my memory voltage is set to 1.6v in bios and recomened is 1.5v for my brand dram, however it wont let me set below 1.6 in bios...............

also when i run memtest... it starts up fine and but wont runtest that it autoselects it just keeps rebootin and tryin and last thing it says is relocated then trys again, but when i pick option 3 the older version 3.4 it runs test fine, but everytime i pick multi core one it freezes

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  1. try memtest as a bootdisk
  2. i do have it on a cdrom bootdisk it loads before windows but instead of auto starting 3 options come up incase i want to pick but i let it auto choose then

    3.5 version for single core
    3.5 experimentrl version for multi core
    and 3.4 version old of course

    starts then after like 3 secs says relocated and comp restarts and shows reboot screen and does same thing over

    but when i pick older version 3.4 it runs memtest fine for like 5 mins until error that said halting cause of stackin i think
  3. Try memtest86+ Version 4.1. I had a problem with 3.5 also but 4.1 has better support for multi-core.
  4. one stick of ram passed memtest 4.1 and other one failed with 5 errors does that mean i got one bad and one good stick???

    or would it have any thing to do with ram getting too much voltage????
  5. TBH, I'm not sure. Could be either one.

    Are you sure you can't adjust voltage in BIOS? I've never used a Biostar mobo, but on my Gigabyte mobo, there's an auto/manual selection that has to be set to manual before any of the voltages can be changed. I had the opposite problem where my RAM is rated for 1.65 and my mobo defaulted to 1.5. Ran fine for me until I got to really oc'ing it.

    You might want to check the forums here or on the Biostar website (if they have them) to learn more!
  6. Clear Cmos + Loas setup default ,
    - Use 1 stick RAM clean , install fresh windows, driver, game ,
    - The other RAM have error RMA to support vendor
  7. i can change voltage in bios bot only between 1.6v and 1.95v................. no other options and my ram needs 1.5

    and im not sure what clear cmos is and how to do it and how to uninstall/reinstall windows
  8. woooo...... clear Cmos ! read guide manual book your mobo look how Clear Cmos to do it, in the chases you have 1 ram error cause System file windows & Other software corrupt. OC extreme cause damage your Hardware....
  9. alright i reset bios settings to defealt but still havin crash issues
  10. reset bios settings to defealt (F9) different with Clear CMOS..! clear CMos Must Shut down PC & electric power take off lol
  11. not sure what your saying, but appreciate help anyways
  12. If you have a matching set of ram, then yes you have a bad stick. You said you tested them individually correct? Have you tried running with just the one stick and see if the crashes stop?
  13. buy New Computer, it fresh your problem :bounce:
  14. nmullin11 said:
    i can change voltage in bios bot only between 1.6v and 1.95v................. no other options and my ram needs 1.5

    Your RAM will be fine running at 1.6 volts.

    As far as instability is concerned, about all you can do is test by substitution until you find the problem. A PC similar to your will be invaluable.

    Start from the core system - PSU, motherboard, CPU.
    Don't assume anything.
    Keep notes.
  15. hi Ocer... nmullin11.. have1 stick ram Bad, if he still love this Stick Ram have Error & Bad.... to difficult to fix problems... :non: , him CPU cannot Stable :D
  16. so should i use the stick of good ram to reinstall windows???

    just run on one 2gb stick even tho its dual channel??

    and if i dont clear cmos then will comp still crash after fresh install with good 2gb stick, because i just reinstalled with what tested as the good stick and still crashes. but maybe because bios is corrupt or somethin from initial install?
  17. sure install windows OS with RAM (no error ) & I know dual channel,
    no problem 1with 1 RAM but all clear from error & next time replace again same RAM
    don't forget if install RAM takeoff Power Supply form AC & Monitor Plug to PC!
    you can do small OC with 1 RAM !
  18. I may be a little late, but when you say it "crashes" during gaming, are you stating that you get a BSOD or does the computer restart or shutdown or flicker???
  19. ahthurungnone said:
    I may be a little late, but when you say it "crashes" during gaming, are you stating that you get a BSOD or does the computer restart or shutdown or flicker???

  20. BSOD have massage like 0x00000000000124 it's mean Vcore !
  21. just reinstalled win7 using good stick of ram but still getting bsods

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 3b
    BCP1: 00000000C000001D
    BCP2: FFFFF960000888A9
    BCP3: FFFFF88005D8B260
    BCP4: 0000000000000000
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files that help describe the problem:

    everytime it happens its always syste data and mini dump like shown above as the reason

    any ideas whats the cause??

    maybe cpu or somethin not gettin enough power??
  22. u can read here for your BSOD :
    mycomputer/properties/advanced/start up and recovery setting/write debugging information/sellect none /OK
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