4870 vs 4890

I'm ordering from newegg.ca (canadian)
System is E8400 @ stock.
4GB DDR21000
PSU 610W PC Power and Cooling
Asus P3x board with xfire support
24" 1920x1200 - I play all my games windowed so I'm normally playing at 1650x1050. Unless the game offers windowed with noboder (Like valve games).

Had an EVGA 8800GT that died.
I'm looking at the following cards to replace the 8800GT.

http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161268 512MB 4870 $210 - $15MIR Free Shipping
http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102825 1GB 4870 $270 - $20MIR (I don't like the cooling on the standard Sapphire boards)
http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102830 1GB 4890 $315 - $20MIR

To me, I don't think the peformance gains are great enough between the 4870 and 4890 to justify. I'm mostly attracted to teh 4890 because it runs cooler and requires less power. Anyone want to make a suggestion. ATM Nvidia is out of the question.
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  1. 4890 uses more power than the 4870.

    Also the GTX 275 owns both so why don't you get that? I know an nvidia card just died on you but it's an old card.
  2. Last 3 cards died prematurely. 7900GTX and perviously 6800GT (I did get them replaced under warranty but it sucks going like 2 months with crappy or no videocard). I know its just bad luck, but its time for change. Plus, I want to have the option to crossfire since my PSU be enough for 2x 4870s.

    I was pretty sure the 4890 drew less power... but I guess I'm wrong.
    And the between the GTX 275 and 4890, don't they trade blows given the game and settings?
  3. Helloworld_98 said:

    Also the GTX 275 owns both so why don't you get that? .

    Where on earth did you get that impression from? It certainly does not "owns" a 4890. At 1920x1200 and below, the 4890 is the better card.

    Do you want me to quote Anandtech for you?
  4. According to Xbitlabs.com, the HD 4890 does in fact consume less power.


    According to Anandtech, the HD 4870 and HD 4890 basically draws the same amount of power, but the power measured is for the entire system and not specific to the video card itself which means there could be a little bit of power consumption fluctuation with some of the other components:


  5. what is the differences between them i just bought a 4870 and im wondering if i shouldve waited for the 4890?
  6. Im in the same boat. Im not running a "gaming machine", but it does the job. Core2 duo 2.0 2 gig ram, diamond ati 4870 1g ddr5. I can run all my games, all max and still see VERY VERY small flaws. I crysis maxed and such i will get a dropping frame rate to about 22 (pretty harsh and intense scenes) but normaly really 45-60fps on 1080p (52 sony lcd). And it is wicked. Very quite, cant here my computer at all (put in new rocketfish psu 550) needed it for the new card (got card first, went crap need new psu)$290cdn from best buy. What i noticed is there was no BIG preformance increase when running low res 800-600 1280-1024 1920-1080p. Change in 8 and 16 aa. Still same preformace. Solid card. Great value. My last $399 card was a x1600pro 512. And it moved good in its day. Alot more preformance for alot less cash. I cant see this card becoming "old" or "out of date" for a very long time. Happy with my purchase.
  7. 4890 is 4870 but with rewired circuts and clocked faster 850mhz core vs 750 mhz core (4870). It's memory freq has also been raised (forgot the exact numbers). Due to this change, they're also changing the branding of the core RV770 -> RV790.

    Everything else is basically the same.

    Because of the rewiring, ppl who buy the 4890 can not only enjoy the boosted stock speed (100mhz) but can also OC it easily. Some say they got pretty close if not, on 1 ghz core clock on the dot with just stock cooling.

    It it said on many reviews that it can compete with GTX275 and even beat GTX285 in certain games.

    4890 in Hardware Cancuks' review show that it uses more power when under load but consumes less power (by about 6 watts) when idle. But this is no surprise to us because it's the same components but clocked higher so you would expect increase in power usage and even if they're idle you won't expect a major decrease in power usage either.

    It really depends how rapid you upgrade and what are you gaming needs. If you feel that you absolutely need to be on the bleeding edge, 4890 is your choice. If you want price/performance, 4870 1gb is still your best bet unless you're running past 24" resolution. Let's not forget that 5870 is just around the corner and hopefully it will bring DX11 support as well.

    I currently have a 4870 1gb and I think I'm going to skip this upgrade. I've seen a few people on ebay selling their 4870 already which I think is a waste of $100 CAD on an upgrade imho as Toms Hardware's upgrade guide shows it's not worth upgrading unless it's 3 tiers above or higher.
  8. For canadian shopping i'd use NCIX.com. They have great customer service and there prices are better then newegg.ca.


    Plus they have sales going on all the time.

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