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Is it posible to take a IDE drive hook a SATA adapter to it then connect it ESATA. All I have to get is a SATA to ESTA cable (I have the adapter) and I then hook it up. I have a boat load of IDE drives and I wanted to start using them like floppies. Just drop stuff on them and lable them.
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  1. The sata-to-esata cable can provide the shielding the spec calls for, but not the signal voltage:

    eSATA vs SATA
    Minimum transmit potential increased: Range is 500–600 mV instead of 400–600 mV.
    Minimum receive potential decreased: Range is 240–600 mV instead of 325–600 mV.

    However, the setup may work if the total cable length is short enough, and signal loss going through the two adapters and total cable length meets the minimums required. It may work, and it may work sometimes and not others.

    Good luck.
  2. I was just thinking about taking a HD externally placing a SATA adapter on to it then going from the adapter to the ESATA port. I have the power supply for the HD no worries. Just wondering it it would work.
  3. Yes, it would work. I have done this with a friends old IDE drive cause I didn't have a IDE to USB or eSATA with me. However, I have no idea how long term use will be with a set up like this.
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