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Hullo, I recently buggered a new desktop that I got from Palicomp, they are gonna return is soon (I hope) however I am wondering if the power to the card was part of the issue.

I believe a power spike fried the mobo, I used a GTX 260 for a few days without any issues before today when I plugged in a light into a 4 way adapter and BOOM. Computer just stopped...

The GTX 260 needs 2x6 pin power cables, I didnt have any. So used the 2x 4 to 6 pin adpaters and plugged them in. Now I'm not sure if I did it correctly, The 4 to 6 adapter had both male and female connections from 4 into the 6. I could only use 1 female and 1 male each for the adapter and plugged them in. The other connections for both the adapter where going into 2 seperate fans. Now I didnt think this would work but I tried it anyway and never looked back because everything in my games looked so damn sexy...

That was until I plugged in the damn light. There is an LED light around the RAM so it seems like there is power going in. Any ideas guys?

I'm using a 600w PSU
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  1. What brand PSU was it? Any more specific details?

    A 600w PSU without any 6pin power connectors is very suspicious.
  2. I'm not really sure, its a generic PSU that came with the computer. There is 1 6pin connecter but its going into the motherboard
  3. wat
  4. My PSU is an 'Win Power ATX-600'
  5. 6pin PCI-E plugs DO NOT go into the mobo, what you have going into the mobo are either 4pin or 8pin for the CPU.

    Any design PSU that does not have a 6pin pci-e power cable as standard is old and to be avoided.

    Winpower is not a good brand, with PSUs brand is very important, cheap PSUs can damage other componants aswell.

    It is likely your PSU was massively over rated above what it could actually output.

    You should get a decent PSU from Thermaltake, Antec, Corsair ect with 2 actual 6pin cables if thats the problem then great, if not you need to try another graphics card, if it works then you may need to look at RMAing your GTX260. If it doesnt then there is damage to the rest of your PC.

    You should never use those stupid molex to 6pin adapters for one cable, let alone 2.
  6. Ok thx, the company I got it off said they'd come replace it, so in the mean time I'll pick up another PSU. Thanks for your help
  7. exactly same thing happened to me.. and it's nothing to do with the video card.

    my pc was on and when i plugged the 3.5 external hdd power adaptor to same powerstrip, pc shut itself down and wont turn back on... my evga 790i ultra sli mobo was fried. (although it still had standby light after got fried).

    technically I think what happen was that, when the light/hdd adaptor was plugged in, inrush current caused voltage drop/sag which delivered insufficient power to psu resulting sudden shutdown. when this happen, MOBO got hit by the over-current spike generated by the psu, and possibly fried power regulator of the motherboard (near the power interface, you may be able to smell the burn, but may not see the burnt mark).

    UPS could have prevented this issue, but not surge suppressors
    Anyway, I replaced my Mobo and everything was working 100% perfect

    There is similar case here, have a look
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