DDR2 1,066 or 800

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy the ASUS P5Q premium, which has 1,600 FSB.

I read various post suggesting that DDR2 800Mhz is the best choice.

The same post suggest avoiding DDR2 1,066 … as it won’t be compatible.

As a layman, I thought the faster the memory chip, the faster the system is going to be…?

Much obliged for your input on this
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  1. Hi men, few months ago I used 1066MHz, and now I have 800MHz and the difference isn't too much. If you want that your system run more faster, you must be buy DDR3...but how I said,the difference isn't much. Get the 800MHz and with the rest of the money buy something else.
  2. I have both 800Mhz and 1066Mhz Ram... The 1066 is VERY unstable due to the fact that it is really 800Mhz designed to run @ 1066Mhz speeds with a voltage increase...

    IMO there is about a 3% performance increase if we compare the 800 vs. the 1066, but that does not compensate for the extra headaches you get trying to run @ 1066 w/o having any stability issues....

    Note: My G.Skill 800Mhz is faster than my OCZ Platinum 1066.....
  3. Whatever OvrClkr said, it's true. I've had a pair of 2GB Corsair rated to run 1066MHz at 2.1V. However, my motherboard did not like it despite it supporting speed up to 1600MHz through OC. In the end, I swapped for a Kingston HyperX 800MHz with tight timings 4-4-4-12 and I am very happy with it. The performance is solid and I'd suggest you do the same instead of going for higher frequency.
  4. The system is designed to run FSB 1600, ram @ 800.

    If you plan to raise the FSB go with the 1066 otherwise, 800 is perfect.

    Look for 800 MHZ ram with a low CL, something like CL 4-4-4.

    Saint19, you are incorrect, ddr3 will not be faster then ddr2 because the timings on ddr3 are loose compared to 800mhz ddr2 with CL4. Furthermore the P5Q davidstone doesn't support DDR3 -> four DIMM sockets that support up to 16GB of non-ECC, un-buffered DDR2 memory at speeds of 667, 800, 1066, and 1200MHz
  5. Also.. if you care the reason why 800 is best is because the FSB 1600 is quad pumped so 400mhz you will see in the Bios, not 1600.

    DDR2 is 400MHZ dual channel = 800MHZ

    So your 1600FSB will run 1:1 with 800 MHZ DDR2
  6. Guys, thanks a million, off to get the Kingston 800 than, cheers
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