Graphics card conundrum - 4870, 4890 or gtx260+ (?)

hey guys, how you going?

i'm looking to upgrade my current gigabyte 8800gt, which is EXTREMELY loud and occasionally plays up, which drives me up the wall! I need some advice :)

I'm looking at the following cards:

1. asus dark knight 1gb 4870

2. HIS iceQ4+ turbo 1gb 4870

3. 4890 (any one, they've just come out)

4. palit sonic gtx260+ (the one with the double-fan cooler. potentially noisy?)

5. possibly a gtx275 (but i think the 4890's are better?)

i WILL be overclocking, and have overclocked vid cards before
due to my current card, i don't want a card thats crazy loud. however a little bit of noise i'll tollerate (i do have an antec 900 with 5 case fans)
i'm on a bit of a budget, so cannot afford crazy cards like a 4870x2 or gtx285 :p
any input/other ideas you have, i would LOVE to hear them.

thank you heaps guys!!

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  1. The 4890 provides the best performance of all those when overclocked, assuming you can hit 900-950+. 900Mhz seems to be a given but 950Mhz is hit or miss.

    The GTX 275 and 4890 are close to each other stuck though at lower resolutions the 4890 wins and they go back and forth at 2560x1600.
  2. Thanks mate!
    I have a 22" screen, so 1680x1050 resolution
    Is the extra money for the 4890 really worth it over the 1gb 4870? Thats a burning question i keep asking myself. lol cheers!
  3. If you are on a tight budget go ahead and buy a 4870 1gb(altough i would buy a sapphire 1gb in place of asus dark knight because sapphire is somewhat cheaper)

    On the other hand,if you have $50-70 more,you can see a 10-15% increase over 4870 with 4890.This margin increases if you overclock 4890.

    The battle between 4890 and gtx 275 is still going on,and i personally cant decide which one is better untill more stable drivers are released.
  4. get the sapphire 1gb 4870. its 184 on newegg and its about 80% faster than the 8800gt
  5. does the 1gb sapphire have a aftermakret cooler? coz the 4870 runs hot, and i want to OC it :p
    what's the noise levels like for the asus dark knight? and also, any thoughts on the HIS IceQ? I'm from australia, i dont think the egg works for us aussies? lol
    cheers for the help guys :)
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