Phenom X2 II 550 unlocking issue

Hi Guys,

I managed to unlock my CPU the Phenom X2 II 550 BE with a GA-MA770T-UD3P mobo. i have the F2c bios version.

The trouble is, when windows starts up and i enter the log in screen instantly i experience sound and display issues. my sounds starts to crackle and my display has red lines across the screen.

Does this mean that my 3rd and 4th core are faulty and that i am unable to run a stable system with them unlocked?

NOTE: I've cranked my CPU voltage to 1.4v and have not overclocked it. ive even left it on auto still to no avail

Cheers for the help.
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  1. That's more than I got with the same beast, refused to even post, better set it back to dual core and be happy..:)
  2. Or try as 3 core
  3. simon12 said:
    Or try as 3 core

    +1 ^
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