Cooling my Phenom II x4 940

Hi everybody

I have a question that someone can hopefully answer for me.

I am busy building a new system consisting of the following components.

1. Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case (This is my old case that is still in excellent condition and I do not need to upgrade or replace it)
2. Asus M4N72-E Motherboard
3. AMD Phenom II x4 940 Processor
4. OCZ DDR2 4096MB Reaper Heat-Pipe 1066MHz 2x2048MB Memory Kit
5. EVGA GTX285 OCC Graphics card
6. Corsair TX850W Power Supply

I already bought all of these components and they run great!! My problem though... I want to remove the stock cooler for the AMD Phenom II and replace it with the Coolermaster V8 cooler. Can anyone tell me if this cooler will fit inside the Tsunami Dream case? Did anybody build a rig with the same cooler and case before?

Any feedback will be appreciated

Cheers and thanks

Tom's Hardware rock!!!
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  1. Lay the case on it side, take a ruler and measure the distance from cpu to where the side panel would be.

    Dimensions of the V8. Hieght. 160mm.

    Case Dimensions. Width. 207mm.

    Should fit no problem. I doublt you'll find someone with the same case using that cooler first hand.
  2. I'd suggest measuring it like MykC said.

    The case has that 80mm fan (according to an Xbit review), which are typically 25mm thick. Between that and the distance from the bottom of your HSF to the other side of the case, it might be a close shave.

    Tsunami Dream =210mm

    Coolermaster V8 = 161.1mm

    80mm case fan = 25mm

    diff = 210 - 161.1 - 25 = 23.9mm

    I'd say you should be safe. Opposite side of case to top of CPU shouldn't be ~1 inch/~24mm. But, never hurts to measure.

    Good luck.
  3. Apparently that case is 8.3" wide. That's more than the Antec 900 (8.1"), so chances are every cooler that fits in the Antec 900 will fit in the Tsunami Dream too. I'd suggest a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler. It's good, cheap, and it fits in the Antec 900.
  4. Thanks guys

    I already measured my case before I posted the first time. I just had this little man on my shoulders called doubt...or is his name "don't waste your money on a cooler that won't fit"

    Thanks for the feedback anyway. I might even look at the Asus Triton 79 Amazing. It's even smaller than the V8 and similar price.
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