Is my hard drive dead?

Recently when I have been turning on my computer I eventually get to just a blank screen after the boot process. I do see initially see my motherboard menu and the Bios screen that gives you the option to delete to the bios and its version etc.. After that the monitor is completely blank no matter how long I leave the computer on. I noticed that during the boot up process after I turn the computer on I do not hear my hard drive whir at all and cannot remember if it did that before or not. So my question is is my hard drive dead or could there possibly be another explanation. I would just like any help before I just go out and get a new Hard drive if necessary. Thanks in advance for any expertise and help in this.

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  1. Have you entered the BIOS to see if it sees your HDD?
  2. I just checked and I see my HD in the boot sequence. I guess I am at a loss why it wont boot completely to windows. At least I think it doesn't as screen is completely blank and I never hear the HD whir at any point.
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