SATA DVD doesnt seem to work

Hello all, i just finished assembling a new computer being:

AMD Phenom II x6 1090T black edition
Elixir 8gb (2x4gb dimms) ddr3 1333
Sapphire radeon hd5870
Hitachi 1tb 7200rpm
Samsung SH-S223C DVD-ROM
Antec DF-30 midtower case
Keian Corazon 780w PSU

I have not completed the whole thing yet skipping on a 24 inch Dell LCD monitor, a mouse and a keyboard for another week (run out of funds)

So I turn it on, everything works but the DVD drive. Its power connected and the SATA cable too, but no motion whatsoever, LED isnt flashing nor does the tray come out. Surprisingly, if i remove the SATA connection, it comes to life(LED on, tray responds).

Is there somethimg I'm overlooking here this being the second PC I've built and the first time to use a SATA optical drive?

Thanks in advance for your opinion.
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  1. The drive behaves this way while the power is on even if the OS isn't running?

    I'd suspect the drive itself, but I'd try a different SATA cable and motherboard SATA port first before going to the trouble of replacing it.
  2. I connected it to a different sata port separated from the other ports. It started responding, but i still have to make sure when i finally get to operate it.

    Thanks i hope it works out
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