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Hi Everyone!

I was looking into the G.Skill Phoenix series. I am looking to get an SSD under $200. I was also looking at the Crucial c300 64gb(SATA III - future proof), and the Phoenix Pro 60gb(129.99!), however I have come to the conclusion that I need at least 80gb to fit win7, WoW(23.7gb atm), and a couple of FPS's.

I looked at the benches on the GSkill site and noticed that the 100gb Phoenix (not pro) beat out all of the other Pro Models in almost every mark:


I found this kind of odd, and I may not be interpreting this right. The 100gb Phoenix is 199.99 atm.. pretty sweet!

Anyone familiar with these drives? Or have another option to fit my criteria?

Any insight, as always, is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Update:

    I noticed the 4k read/write is the big difference. The pro really shines there. And, in case anyone is interested, the 120gb Phoenix Pro G2 has dropped to 219.99!!!! Next day rush on that baby!! :love:

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