Best mobo to overclock q6600

i have a dell and i am looking to upgrade the motherboard and heatsink/fan well as ram i suppose. I need to know what are the best out right now within a reasonable price range.....ebay or amazon is an option. I just want to know which is most reputable. also i will be upgrade the case...i have samsung memory ddr 2 800.....i am thinking it wont work well with overclocked that right??

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  1. I've used the Gigabyte ep45-ud3r on 3 builds, and overclocked all 3. I built one with an E8500, 1 with a Q9400 and more recently 1 with an old Q6600. The board seems to have worked very well, and isn't expensive.

    Certainly people have had good luck with ASUS boards too and they'll probably chime in.
  2. - GigaByte GA-P35-DS3R
    - ASUS P5W DH Deluxe.
    - evga 680I A1
  3. I prefer the Gigabyte P35/P45 motherboards.

    GA-EP45-UD3P | Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (425 MHz X 8.5) C3 stepping :(
    GA-EP45-UD3L | Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (400 MHz X 9)
    GA-EP35-DS3P | E7500 OC'd to 4.1 GHz GHz (373 MHz X 11)
  4. no not really i want a full size atx because micros dont seem to be very good at least being value boards they are not equiped to do so as well...not to mention full atx boards have more features as standard..more usb and so no i plan to replace the case..i think i may have an old full tower around i can use.
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