Running 4 monitors on dual card w/ splitters

Cam anybody help me to set up 4 monitors extended deskop using splitters? i have Radeon hd 4670 video card w/ vga/dvi outputs. i had the setting before and i lost it ( dont know how/what i did) now all i can have is 2 pairs of mirrored/cloned screens. i heared that it requires some minor setting change. I run Vista os. can anybody give me any idea? I know that the other way is to have 2nd video card. but i really need 6 monitors alltogether so 4 out of 1 video card and 2 monitors out of 2nd one. thank you
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  1. Whoa. I'm running 4 monitors on one of my rigs, but off of 2 video cards. of splitters, interesting, what kind of video quality did you get?
  2. yeah....i believe 1024x640 not sure cause i lost that setup how i said.
  3. I've only used the Catalyst drivers recently for a very few days. Is the option to extend your desktop simply greyed out in the Catalyst drivers?
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