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I have an Asus P5K Pro mobo with an E2160 (oc'd to 2.93) cpu along with a radeon 4850 hd card. I'm looking at upgrading to a radeon 4870 card. Can I use the two in crossfire because they are so similar? or is that not possible. If it is, what PSU would be needed?
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  1. You can use a 4850 and a 4870, but would pretty much be 2 4850. Seems like a waste of money unless you are planning on getting another 4870 later.
  2. I'm not sure if the 4870 would downclock to the speeds of the 4850...

    Would it perform between 2x4850 and 2x4870?
  3. U can CrossFire a HD 4870 with HD 4850:

    But i dont recommend it :
    A note about Motherboards:

    The last one is 16x 4x, this one is the weakest and doesn't perform very good compared to dual 8x or dual 16x,so i won't recommend it for Multi-GPU configuration. Intel P35 and P965 chipsets support Multi-GPU at 16x 4x mode.
  4. Sell your 4850, buy either a single 4850x2 or 4870x2.
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