PCI SSD on M4A89GTD (boot over PCI-E Support)

Hi All,

i have M4A89GTD Pro USB2 with AMD 1055T and 8 GB Corsair memory.

i am planning to purchase a SSD, i found OCZ RevoDrive OCZSSDPX-1RVD0050 PCI-Express x4,

i need to know that is my Mobo support boot over PCI-E or not,

if not then there is no sense of this drive for me.

Please let me know "M4A89GTD Support Boot over PCI-E"

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  1. bkarankar said:

    Please let me know "M4A89GTD Support Boot over PCI-E"


    Good question, hard to answer, i have a ASROCK M3A785GXH/128M but i dont get any answers from asrock.
    also OCZ doesn't seem to be able to get such information from vendors,
    because if you look at there thread


    it only seems to be a list of best practive by customers.
    thats sad.
    there should be a compatibility list presented by OCZ, at least in my optinion. THEY are the ones that want wo sell it!!!

    But only thing you can get from them ist:
    Note: Before installing the RevoDrive it is important to check the settings/capabilities on your motherboard. If you plan on using the RevoDrive as a boot drive please check that your motherboard supports boot over PCI-E. Please check with your motherboard manufacturer for the latest platform information and BIOS updates. If you have any installation or compatibility questions about the RevoDrive, please visit our forums or call OCZ Customer Service for recommendations.

    muahaha, and the forums representatives say:
    "It is likely that the Asrock board you mention would need a BIOS update for Revo to be fully bootable without issues."


    its likely that i wont buy with so less information!!!!

    Good Luck!
  2. hey P3pp3R

    thanks for ur support man, but i already found ans by myself.

    sorry because i did not close this form and even did not specify result .

    please have a look on


    the Screenshot of PCI (100 MB Partition). yes,i am using this as a Boot Drive for windows 7 64 ...

    its really a rocket science man. unbelievable performance and unbelievable just unbelievable, better to try urself u will let u know how behind was u with HDD.
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