Which Cold Cathodes?

First i am glad i stumbled on this place as its a wealth of information and great to ask questions. Now i dont really know where to stick this thread about cold cathodes but put it here as i just built mine and want to add one last thing to it. Now my question is, what cold cathodes would you chose?


Now i am wanting a set of blue and this seems ideal and the least expensive.


This one gives a cooler look and it'll cost 5 more.


This last one seems standard and looks the most brightest.

So out of those 3, which one would you buy times 2 to add into an Antec 900 case?
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  1. Well i bought the first set of Logisys Dual Coold Cathode Light 12" you have listed and they are realllly bright, its a pretty nice kit for $6 here's some pics,
  2. That looks pretty snazzy, looks like ill save a few greens and go with the first set, thank you very much!
  3. np man =)
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