965 Underclocking with CnQ and C1E off

I've been overclocking my 965 and I can get 3.7Ghz stable with stock voltages but when it comes to 3.8Ghz I have to raise the voltages (it runs stable for about 9 hours then fails in prime95). So I go to raise the voltages and once I hit around 1.42v during prime 95 the cpu will underclock itself as if Cool n Quiet was on but it is DEFINITELY off in the motherboad and the power setting is set to performance in Windows 7. It doesn't do this when it's under 1.42v.

I'd like to overclock past 3.7Ghz but this is stopping me from doing it. My temps are around 53 degrees under prime95.

CPU: AMD Phenom II 965
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50
Memory: 2x2GB Corsair XMS3 1600mhz
GPU: XFX Radeon 4890
Harddrive: RAID 2x WD Caviar Black 1.5TB
PSU: Corsair TX650
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  1. I am not too familiar with overclocking AMDs but what other settings are available to you in the BIOS?

    generally you want to take everything off of auto and set manually. because if its set to auto it can down clock its self.

    obviously heat is not the issue here
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