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I am working on putting together a new computer for work and gaming. I have seen a ssd + hdd set up touted on this forum but never a specific answer to this question. So other than the os what goes on the ssd? Should games go on the ssd or the hdd? should things like microsoft office go on the SSD?

Thanks in adcance
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  1. Generally speaking you install the OS on the SSD and as many programs as will fit. If you have more programs than will fit on the SSD then install the ones you use the least on the hard drive.

    Try to leave at least 20 to 30% space free on the SSD to allow for future growth.
  2. Yes, put the OS onit, and then put your *active* games and frequently used work apps on it, subject to how much space you need.

    Once the stuff is no longer active, either move or remove it.
  3. Put the OS and frequently used apps and files on it.
    Use the hard drive for storage, and backups if your SSD can't comfortably hold everything.
    For planning purposes, Windows-7 and microsoft security essentials will take about 15gb.
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