Games crash after increasing memory clock in 4870

Hey guys,i thought i'd overclock my 4870 to get a better performance.i use catalyst to OC the card.i can overclock my GPU clock to 800(thats the max in catalyst) .but if i OC the memory to 1100(the max)artifacts appear.then lowered it to artifacts,but games crash after 10 mins.why does this happen?

more info:
amd phenom 9650 2.3 GHz
4gb ram(3.2gb usable,i have win vista 32 bit)
Powercolor 4870 i gig ddr5
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  1. Your RAM is running as fast as it can before you try to overclock.
  2. it happens because its too much for the card. Just because the settings go to 1100 doesn't mean that your card can handle that much of a memory speed boost. For example my GTX460's memory clock can go to 2470Mhz but it will DEFF NOT BE STABLE at those speeds....

    overclock your card little by little and run 3DMARK Vantage GPU tests...if it passes the GPU tests without crashing then you have your self a stable overclock. :D
  3. Unigine, 10 mins of furmark to check the temps and trying out my games, is my stability test suite:DIn any case overclocking the ram gives less performance than overclocking the core so I would push that.
  4. Yes, would check your temps ... It would seem to me that you might not really see much improvement OC your gpu, I would think your cpu might limit it a bit. Thoughts?
  5. temps are not really the issue. if temps were the issue you could just run like MSI afterburner and put ur fans at 100% manually. i have seen 35* idle temps but if i push my core clock past 935 on my GTX460 SC BAM!!!! my display driver crashes after only 2-3 seconds of me applying the OC. Its kida like a CPU oveclock. just because it works for a little bit and it boots does NOT mean its stable either :D

    also you can run MSI afterburner ontop of your games. its an option in the setting on afterburner that it will display "GPU1 TAMP ***C" at the top left side of your screen incease you want to keep an eye on your temps.
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