Creative X-fi titanium Fatality or not?

Just need some quick opinions on what version of this card to get? I have just sold my creative x-fi PCI xtreme gamer falatilty pro series as my only free PCI slot is right between my gpus causing stupidly high temps on both GPUs and soundcard, it even makes the soundcard glitch if I dont have my case open!

I do have a free PCIe slot above my top gpu so in the process of ordering a replacement card, but Im unsure if I should just get the xtreme gamer titanium pcie edition ($189 NZD) or pay the extra for the fatality version (270 NZD). The only real difference I thought was the x-ram but I have been told that its never really any use and most fatality version cards you are just paying for the marketing and dont net any real performance difference, is this correct? The fatality one also comes with a nice looking cover instead exposed board which I like but dont know if I can justfiy $100 for some plastic.

Card is to be used for gaming mainly and occassionally some music but I tend to stream all media through my ps3 for the most part so gaming is my prime concern with PC sound. Also will be using the optical and dolby digital live out to my sony home threatre amp (Both cards have same I/O connections).

Right, so thoughts, opinions etc? If there is another card all together I should be looking at please tell me, and just to clarify I do not want to just run onboard sound as whilst sound might not be hugely better onboard doesnt support real time multi channel/DD/DTS decoding so stuck with lame SPDIF stereo output.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If I remember the fatality version you are talking about also offers almost 2x the sample rate. If you are not that worried I cant see the harm in your first choice. When playing games you will be using analog anyways or a digital conversion and both of your choises support that.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Sorry should of specified the output il be using as well, using optical out via Dolby digital live to my sony home theatre amp.

    Oh really? i actually didnt look too closely at spec for spec just that vaguely seemed similar so will actually have a closer look at sample rates. Just looking for any benefit really, all i need is an excuse to part with the extra money and incure the roth of my gf lol.
  3. Just checked a product comparason on creatives site and nah every spec they list is identical apart from the 64mb x-ram so seems that they have just slapped the x-ram and a plastic case on it.
    Does X-ram actually do anything? I had it on my old fatality card but as i only have onboard audio to compare it with I dont really have any idea.
  4. Hands down get the Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1.

    It has full EAX5 support. It's high quality. Many great reviews.

    One thing I love is the ability to do surround sound using stereo headphones.
  5. Just had a look at it and first thing is, yes I can get it in my technologically backwards country which is always a plus! Card looks good especially how low profile it is, I dont want anything too chunky near my cpu cooler. Will add it to the short list
  6. To be fair, digital output is the same across all hardware solutions. The only X-facors are DDL support and EAX. Remember, EAX is always done through software if you have Vista/7.

    My shortlist:
    Auzentech Prelude
    Auzentech Forte
    ASUS Xonar D2X
    ASUS STX Essence

    Note, the ASUS cards now support EAX emulation, removing most of Creative/Auzentechs advantage in that area. I'd go with the Essence personally, simply because its the best card of the bunch, and crams more dolby options that you will probably ever know what to do with.
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