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I'm a resident in Goa, INDIA. My config is i5-750 @ 3.0GHz, ASUS P7P55D-E Pro, 4Gb GSkill Eco ram 1600Mhz, Lancool K62 cabinet. My idle temps are ar 55°C while under load dey touch 80°C.

i'm using stock fan. searching for a air cooler. Major considerations -

Hyper 212+
Scythe Mugen Rev.B
Scythe Yasya

Most ppl recommend 212+ but the Mugen has much better temps. about yasya i'm not sure.
other suggestions are also welcome.

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  1. I would upgrade ASAP!!! under full load you dont want to see any temps above 70*C. 70* C is what is deemed "safe" for these processors as far fas being under full load. I have an i5-661 pushed to 4.16GHz and i bearly see temps touch the mid 60s under full load with prime95. I have a Coolermaster V6GT cooler but the Hyper 212+ and the scythe Mugen Rev . B are both good coolers.

    If you want the Hyper 212+ to perform very well just add another 120mm fan for a push pull configuration so that you may get more air flow :D
  2. First did you use another TIM??? i5 750 at 55c idle is high... probably the mild OC is not handled well by stock cooler...

    strongly recommend hyper 212+ for your setup... you can order in india from here

    BTW what is your fan setup in your chassis??? ventilation is an important feature in cooling your rig... i see that your case comes with i front intake, 2 top and 1 rear exhaust... if this is the case then circulation should be taken care...
  3. What are the prices of the fans you can get. I have 2 212+ coolers and love them, though there certainly are better coolers (but they often cost quite a bit more).
  4. I'd go for the Mugen 2, it's quieter than the other 2 and cools better than the hyper 212+. Also, the Yasya uses the intel pushpin mounting system although it does have the best cooling.
  5. The Mugen 2 does look really nice. As with all big tower coolers though (212+ included) try your best to check dimensions to make sure there are no surprises between it and ram heatsinks, motherboard heatsinks, and the side of your case.
  6. duk3 said:
    I'd go for the Mugen 2, it's quieter than the other 2 and cools better than the hyper 212+. Also, the Yasya uses the intel pushpin mounting system although it does have the best cooling.

    quiet?? who cares about quiet?? :lol:

    with good performance your going to have to sacrifice sound comfort levels :D
  7. Best performing and very quiet air cooler:
    "We have not very often seen this level of great performance out of something so quiet"

    Besides, the Mugen 2 is a better cooler than the hyper 212+ and is almost as good as the Yasya.
  8. water cooling corsair H70 / H50 or Do it your self use Peltier at Hyper 212 very cool brrrr... brrrr
  9. i wouldn't waist my money with the H50/ H70s they are ok but with the amount of information on this site about liquid cooling you can make your own single loop system just for your CPU pretty easy
  10. first of all. regarding the circulation in my cabinet. the fans are in the original orientation only - 1 i/p at front and 3 o/p 2 top and 1 back. will this have any issue??

    well, i have seen some consolidated charts at mugen 2 gave much better temps as compared to hyper 212+

    Also, on
    CM Hyper 212+ - $29.99 + $7.56 shipping

    Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B - $39.99 free shipping

    Titan TTC - $49.95 + shipping no idea

    i'm getting inclined towards mugen...

    water cooling corsair H70 / H50 or Do it your self use Peltier at Hyper 212 very cool brrrr... brrrr

    whats that?!!?!?
  11. At 3$ more than the hyper 212, the mugen 2 is a quieter/better heatsink and a good deal.
    Of course, you are in India so those prices don't matter.
    Peltier is thermoelectric cooling, don't worry about it.
  12. i would deff go for the mugen over the 212
  13. i dont think you get mugen in india in any online shop... hyper 212 is available thats why i suggested it to the poster...

    the air circulation is fine but you would be having a bit of negative pressure (more exhaust compared to intake)... thats OK in most cases but i would recommend one additional intake fan at the bottom (if possible) or to the side... that will make it 140mm front intake and 120 or 140 mm bottom/side intake along with 2X140mm top and 120mm rear exhaust...
  14. i'll be buying the stuff from USA (my bro is there).
    Performance has prime importance for me. (As for silence, have my speaker blasting most of the time :P)
  15. Well for performance you cant beat the following three:

    Noctua NH-D14
    Thermalright Silver Arrow
    Thermaltake Frio

    A lot of people would also recommend the Corsair H50 or H70 but imo they are a rip off. Yes they will perform almost as well as the noctua for example, but this is with 2 fans (you only get one with the kit itself). So you would have to shell out more for the kit and then more again for an additional fan. Plus they are supper loud, as is the Frio, but it cools better.
  16. OP: I'd take the Mugen Rev B or the 212+ since those are available to you. They'll bring those temps down.

    I would not keep running that CPU at 80C. Go back to stock speeds until you get the new heat sink. Plus your ambient temp is very high, like what 30C? So no matter what your temps will be high and limit your OCing.
  17. i'm back at stock speeds.. :(
    yeah the ambient temps are around 30-35 degrees.. plus the heats about to rise in the coming months... :(

    Also found another heatsink. Anyone know how it performs??
    Antec KUHLER Box $49.99 + $6.99 shipping
  18. its better to go for tried and tested products... except test reviews no one i know has any working experience with Antec KUHLER... the best ones i would recommend in order of preference is Thermalright Silver Arrow, Noctua NH D14, Thermalright Venomous X, Prolimatech megahalems, Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme... there are others who perform close to these but these are the absolute best...
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