Overclocking my pentium dual E2160

HI, I am extremely interested in a information anyone can share on overclocking my dual e2160.

My computer is a acer aspire m1610 whith following upgrades 4gb ddr2 psu 680w. As the e2160 are only 1.8's, I would love to see them reach anything over 2 ghz.

Appreciate any advice :D
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  1. found this link for ya...looks like some have overclocked that PC a bit...

    as always overclock AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! :D


    (if you scroll down their is a post with a user that posted his exact clocks and settings)
  2. You have a prebuilt machine, so your motherboard is not built to overclock and the BIOS is locked to prevent you from doing it.

    So you will not be able to overclock.
  3. not necessarily affroman112.....if you read up some PCs come with unlocked BIOS so that you can still OC them even though they were prebuilt
  4. Totally agree tx-jose, Affroman my pre-built is already unlocked in bios, found program on-line. But still confused with overclocking it
  5. Thanks for advice malmental, I in process of build a new one and using the upgrades to this pc as learning curve.

    May I ask if you now any reliable bios updaes and unlocking downloads or sites

  6. Ok ty once again
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