PSU concern: No-Cash Grounding/Anti-Static Methods?

I was able to secure a power supply for my Dell Dimension E510, but I have another concern.

Lacking $$, I need a homemade solution to grounding myself, along the lines of an anti-static wrist/arm band. I'd love to install this replacement PSU, but I'm hesitant to do so, because I'm told I absolutely should consider an anti-static means of conducting this business. (Was aiming for a pun, btw.) So, being poor as I am, is there anything realistic to consider?

Thanks, guys.
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  1. Thank you, I'll be sure to keep your advice in mind while handling my PSU. I'm horribly new at this, so my trepidation can be understood. I don't want to make my problems any worse. My home is mostly tiled; we had carpets removed, save for the bedrooms. The halls, the livingroom - everything, tiled. Is there anything I could touch to either remove or minimize any existing static charge within me? I'm sorry if this sounds or seemed worded like a silly question. I'm trying to communicate my concerns as simply as I am able. I'm not ESL.
  2. I have a desk sized, thin sheet of anti-static foam that I build computers on. Never had a problem.

    A suggestion about installing the power supply: Many times, it's better to install the motherboard and other stuff first because of a cramped case. If the PSU mounts in the top of the case, I turn the case upside down before I install the PSU. That way, if I have a clumsy moment, the PSU will not drop and land on anything expensive.
  3. If you want that extra confidence boost, do the work with your foot resting on a radiator or similar. Any pipe should be earthed.
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