Amd 9850 Black edition O'C to 2.8?

I had this cpu for a few years now and I wanted to know the easiest way i would go about overclocking it. I'll be happy with 2.7-2.8ghz (possible on stock volts?). I don't want to go very high because it has a crappy Stockish cpu cooler (Thermaltake tr2-r1).
Biostar ta790gx am2+
4 gigs(2 sticks) dual channel 400mhz ddr2
Thermaltake tr2-r1 cpu cooler
Corsair 600w
Ati hd4850

This is my dailey used/only pc. I was under the impression i could oc this by only touching the multipliers and maybe cpu volts?
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  1. With the Black Edition, all you have to do is start by upping the multiplier in your bios (or AMD Overdrive). It's that easy. For more, check these posts out. Lots of good info here:

    Black Edition Overclockers Guide
  2. There are a good many T-Force boards with that designation, and they are the *classic* which started the unlocking revolution with ACC.

    Enter the BIOS under the 'Chipset' drop-down menu. Select ACC *All Cores*.

    The original purpose of *ACC* (for Advanced Clock Calibration) was to enable the 'Six Magic Pins' on Phenom processors like yours --- it had the additional benefit of unlocking cores on PhIIs like the x3 720BE and x2 550BE.

    ACC for the most part guaranteed a 400MHz bump in clock speed on the *BE* editions of the original Phenoms.

    Under the T-Series drop-down set Overclock Navigator to *Manual Overclock*. Bump the CPU, Chipset & HT Overvoltages each up one notch (IIRC, they each operate at +0.01v increments).

    Select the *CPU FID/VID Control* Menu. Bump the 'Core VID' one notch. The 'Core FID' selection will allow you to adjust the CPU multiplier (stock should be 12.5 --- bumping to '14' will give you 14x200MHz, or 2.8GHz).

    I would also suggest entering *Memory Configuration* and setting the 'DCT Unganged Mode' to enabled so that you may run the memory controller 'unganged'.

    Stress test for stability and monitor your temps. Enjoy!

    If you are interested in OC'ing with the system clock let us know --- it would not be uncommon for you to take your chip beyond 3GHz if you are so inclined :D
  3. I tried to raise the multiplier in bios but it is as high as it can be and i can only lower it?
  4. womenbeshoppin said:
    I tried to raise the multiplier in bios but it is as high as it can be and i can only lower it?

    You got some bad advice --- :lol:

    I think you also need to enable *Custom P-States* to adjust the CPU multiplier.

    Spank me, later :ouch:
  5. enabling the custom p-states is how I got to the multiplier/vcore menu. I can't raise either. I think maybe the place I ordered my PC from years back gave me a regular 9850 chip and not the black edition that I ordered
  6. I have no idea what you mean lol, sorry =\
  7. Did they make non-black edition 9850's?
  8. womenbeshoppin said:
    Did they make non-black edition 9850's?

    Yes they did.
  9. ^ Yes you did, you beat me to the punch! :lol:
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