How to recover overwritten data from memory card

how to recover overwritten data from memory card
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  1. You can use the same programs that people use for hard drives.
    Try a free one called Recuva.

    If the files have been overwritten, much like a hard drive, you will have a harder time recovering data and for flash memory I could be wrong but if part of the file really has been overwritten then you might be out of luck.

    If the files have been overwritten 5 or more times you will have a hard time recovering anything at all.

    Good Luck, I hope that program can help.
    If that program can't recover the files you will be unlikely you will be able to get them back any other way.
  2. Free memory card recovery utility here

    You need to connect your memory card to pc and then use freeware to get data back.
  3. Quote:
    If the data was overwritten, It is very hard to get them back.

    I fully agree.
  4. venkatesan_23 said:
    how to recover overwritten data from memory card

    You have given no ifo regoarding how it occurred and what has happenned to the card since 'overwriting'. Some of the methods posted here will work very well for a simple deletion and no activity after, however, if you have saved a file with the same name as an existing file in the same folder then you are unlikely to have any success. I hope it is just a deletion.

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