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October 11, 2010 10:13:41 AM

I was planning on buying 2 more 1TB drives to make a 4 TB RAID 0 array. I was wondering for one would this be a smart idea i know with RAID 0 if 1 drive fails you lose everything but i've always used RAID 0 and none of them have ever failed. Plus if i can manage it i was planning on getting a NAS with 2 2TB drives in it to back up the PC. Second question will windows see a 4TB RAID 0 i've read a few posts on the internet about peoples computers haveing trouble seeing anything over 3TB. The OS is on a seperate drive so if the RAID did fail i would still be able to boot up the PC to maybe recover the data. I was also considering maybe putting it in a RAID 5 but from what i hear it isn't as good performance wise as RAID 0.

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a b G Storage
October 11, 2010 1:17:40 PM

I think that if you're that concerned about performance, then enterprise class drives, or SSDs are more what you'd be looking for.

No, RAID 5 does not perform as well as RAID 0, but it does offer the ability to lose one drive before the entire RAID is dead. If you lose one drive in RAID 0, there isn't recovering the data...

You could look at RAID 10, but you do lose half of the space to the mirror (the RAID 1 part).

I would consider an SSD if you're looking at spending that kind of money.

You could also look at systems that utilize ZFS instead of RAID, or even DROBO, which has a RAID-like function that is supposedly more resilient.