Frame stuttering issue

I started experiencing frame stuttering about a month ago without any hardware changes, micro stuttering

Fps in wow and bfbc2 will be at 60 fps constantly and drop to 58, up to 61 fps for a split second then stabalize at 60 again. When this happens, about every 5 to 6 seconds although occasionally more often, i get micro stutters. Really annoying

Hardware is as follows

XFX 2g eyefinity 6 5870 OC @ 1000/1300

Phenom 2 965 @ 4.04
crosshair IV formula bios 1005 NB @ ~2800 HT link @~2200

memory is gskill 1600 timings are default at 9-9-9-24

runs perfectly stable with no artifacting, just the damned frame stutter

Would upping the NB help at all? I can't get it stable above 2800.

My case is an antec 1200, my CPU cooler is a thermaltake frio. idle temps are 33-34 C, load at 45-48C

anyone help?

I've cleaned my drivers and am using 10.9 drivers

Turning down the settings means smaller hiccups, but they are still there
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  1. refer this:

    i think it is the 5800 series and the driver optimization problems.
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