[SOLVED] Asus p6t will not boot please help

Hello everyone,

I just got my parts and built it and I have tried to turn it on, at first everything seemed to turn on. Black screen though. So I turn it off and tried to reseat the GPU and tried again.

This time it wouldn't turn on but the Power button and the reset button were illuminated.

I tried to clear the cmos and reset the jumper.

Is my motherboard defective?

Any one know any solution?

My ram is in the orange dimms.

My parts are:

thanks to whoever helps me out


After doing everything again, I unscrewed the mobo out and did the Jumper trick by moving the pin and taking the cmos battery out for longer then 30 seconds and when I put the mobo in I made sure that the screws were not over tightened.

That fixed it and now I'm posting.

But my video card is dead :(

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  1. I tried to move the ram into different slots and no post still.

    Is this dead?


    Its going to take weeks to RMA this.
  2. This checklist was created to help with problems like yours.

  3. I have tried all of that, thanks for the link though.

    I still don't know why this is happening. Anyone else with p6t and not being able to post?
  4. Nothing has been solved for me. I have done everything, in every solution and trouble shooting steps. I even pulled out the mobo, and cleared the cmos. Updated the bios to 1403 and still no post. The odd thing is. It is like it froze my USB ports. Unless I remove the power. Even with the computer off my other keyboards will stay lit up. Even another type of illuminated keyboard. I can power off the system, unplug the keyboard, and when I plug it back in..it lights back up. Like it was never removed.
  5. Hi, I am answering for the 1st msg. Black Screen

    I had this problem, however when I left only 1 stick of ram (I have 3 2GB Corsair dominator) then the computer woul boot. (please note that I had previously tried shuffling the sticks around but always using at least 2 and I would still get the black screen) with only one however it would boot.

    I solved this by reseating the CPU. It looks like the receptacle is too big (design flaw i would say) and the contact with the CPU is not always perferct.

    I think its safe to say that if your computer boots with only 1 stick of ram reseating the CPU will solve your problem.

    Hope it helps

  6. Hi I feel your pain as the same thing happened to me.

    Can't help you with the video card, but my Mobo died in the same way and I was only able to reset the cmos with the battery out and using the jumpers, which thankfully worked.

    So thought I would add my tale of woe just incase others have the same problem.

    Not sure if it was a once off but I'd be interested to see how this forum pans out to see if it is a known fault.

    btw I was installing a scanner driver at the time so not sure if that had anything to do with it

  7. I had this problem building with an Asus P5t - After sending the board back once (and MANY MANY hours of trying to fix) I found the problem: Defective reset jumpers on the board.

    Solution: don't plug in reset switch and the computer POSTed and worked perfectly

    Hope this is helpful. If this is the issue, then spread the word - heaps of people have trouble with Asus boards not POSTing.
  8. I'm having the same issue as this guy was but I can't seem to fix it. It was working fine. I went to the kitchen, came back and the screen was black. When I boot and enter setup it randomly decides to show my drives, or not.
  9. My P6T SE + 920 set up was working fine but now I get one short beep then another short beep on power up, Ive tried reseting the cmos jumper, taken the battery out everything but I dont get any dispay output, my graphics card is an HD5970, I sincerly hope its not the problem :pfff:

    Does anyone know what the problem is?! Thanks in advance for any replys.

    Regards Alex
  10. I have a P6t with the exact same problem the only thing I have found that seems to work is just turn it off for awhile and try again.
    Sometimes I have to reset the CMOS which I wish was on switch on front. I still do not know exactly what is wrong but when it does come back my video card settings have all changed and not all 3 of my monitors or recognized so I have to go back and re configure
    I too would like to know what this is and how to fix it.
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