Corrupt Active Partition

I allowed Norton Partionmagic to "fix" my hard drive and now it will not boot but hangs at the windows XP screen. I have tried booting from the windows CD, an Acronis boot disc and floppy to see if I can reset the MBR to zero, I no longer need the data, but the system just hangs,
How can I get at the MBR? I do not want to throw a 1.5TB dirve away when it should be usable.
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  1. Boot to the Recovery Console on your Windows XP CD. Use the FIXMBR command to reinitialise the MBR code. Then use DISKPART to delete your partitions.

    Now you can reload your OS from the CD, or use Disk Management within Windows to rebuild your drive as a secondary volume.
  2. Hi

    I cannot get othe recovery console. form the "windows is examining your computer configuration.....'" screen the computer just hangs?
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