Catalyst Control center question(HELP FAST)!!!!!

hi guys i have a screen shot below
i want 2 know why it says 240 and not 850mhz??
card is hd4890 never been over-clock'd i just use the custom fan to keep cool
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  1. Wow, that is a far downclock! I know my 4850 drops from 625 to 500 in an attempt to save power. This probably is the same thing, but actually in a meaningful amount. If something stresses the GPU, this should jump up. Have you tried any games yet? If they run (at all, really) then you are fine and this is either wrong or it jumps up to correct. Download the newest GPU-Z to get a second source.
  2. WTF how do i fix IT!!!!!

    why is it under clocked waaaaa ????
  3. I just looked and it appears that 240MHz is what your card goes to for 2-D. All is fine, go try out a game on it.
  4. just tried gtaiv seems fine scared the fuk outa me lol
    Thats the 2d clock mode its a power saving feature
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