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i just built a machine. i get a single 2 inch sort of distortion that travels across the screen at a slow pace. its like there is some sort of electrical interference causing it. Any ideas? Sorry dont know how to explain it better, but maybe somebody has run into something similar?

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  1. `across`: Up/down or left/right?
    Which monitor/TV are you using?
    Did you build from scratch or reuse come components, if so which ones?
    In the meantime:
    Check you are using the latest drivers and you have installed all the motherboard chipset drivers.
    Check you have the monitor connected correctly.
    Check the display settings in Windows and make sure you have the right resoloution and, particularly, refresh rate for your monitor.
  2. thanks-left to right lcd and projector goes across one and then the other-happened with old graphics card and new-refresh rate is 60, think its external e.g. maybe not grounding correctly?

    thanks again
  3. seems to have cleared up by changing refreshrate on one of the lcds to 70-in case anybody searches
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