How Does Crucial Memory Rank Among Other Brands?

I personally think Corsair is the go-to memory brand (depending on the mobo's QVL of course), but what about Crucial? I've seen it priced lower on Newegg. Is it worth the few dollars saving?
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  1. Crucial RAMs are one of the best...they are a Tier 1 company in RAM manufacturing...

    Are you are talking about the standard RAM modules without the heatsink?
    Get them if you have good air flow in the case and wont overclock you RAM much...
  2. Actually even without heatsinks, they overclock far better than other cheaper brand with heatsinks...
  3. I use G.Skill 800 @ 866Mhz (945Mhz MAC OC) and I think they are in the top 3 as far as DDR2 800Mhz goes.... I have had bad experiences with Ballistix's and OCZ..... Never tried Corsair.....
  4. Depends on the model! I made a previous purchase of a Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2x1gb sticks) 1066 kit and it was terrible - and only after I got them did I investigate the matter and found complaints after complaints. I since then ditched Crucial (I never had them before or since) and went back to OCZ, but now I switched to g.skill. Both are great, and never had/have any problems with them. In fact, my OCZ kit (which was over a year old when I made the decision to try Crucial) overclocked better and never became unstable even though they were rated much lower than the Crucial which were rated 1066 but were never even stable at that speed, instead I had to run them at 800 and even then they were crappy. Anyway, do your research before you buy...and don't depend on brand name alone! Good luck.
  5. idk, i have crucial DDR2-800 (no heat spreader or fancy name), i have taken them up to DDR2-900 on 1.9v, i would say thats pretty good

    memtest 24hrs
    prime95 12hrs
  6. Sorry guys, took a while for me to get back and see your replies. Thanks for 'em, and looks like I'll have to set some time aside for some quality reading :sweat:
  7. Crucial is the Marketing name for Micron Technology - one the oldest, largest and most respected manufacturers of ICs and memory products.

    Their quality can stand up to anyone's.

    The reason that scientists only respect double-blind testing is that if you know the brand of a product than you either arrive with or gain personal feeling about certain brands. If 1 in 10,000 Crucial modules fails and that person who owned it knew it was a Crucial, he will believe that brand will fail again. That doesn't change the reality that it may have much better reliabilty than another brand.

    Do you think that a pill will really lose you 5 lbs a week if 20 people say it will on a TV commercial? Do you believe the makers of herbal erection creme when they trot out the personal experiences of their users?

    Eyewitness testimony is the worst type.

    If you had substituted OCZ or G.Skill or Corsair in the title of this thread, then you would have heard from folks who didn't like those brands.

    That doesn't mean that the information here is useless. But look more closely at the info that includes reasons - poor latency maybe - higher voltage requirements that another brand. But "I had one of these fail on me one time" isn't good information.

    BTW, I personally have Crucial RAM in my computer and it works great!!! LOL!
  8. Every company that produces Ram WILL have thier batches of faulty modules regardless. The difference here is the company that has the least issues with customer complaints. For example if the ram is good and the reason the customer is complaing is due to poor education (NOOB) then of course this falls on the customer and by no means has anything to do with the manufacturer ex: Newegg Morons that claim to have a "high understanding" but yet did not know that 1066Mhz was supposed to run at 2.1/2.2v. Most negative reviews and calls to CS are user-error related. If everyone would just take a second to read and follow the correct steps to making sure your modules run stable then most companies would have a better image and we all would have one less argument to worry about....
  9. << Newegg Moron!!!

    I originally bought OCZ Plat 1066 RAM that required 2.2V! And my Gigabyte M/B maxed out at 2.1V. But, I learned why it wouldn't run to specs, RMA'd it and got some 1.8V RAM from Crucial that I'm very happy with.

    But that doesn't mean there's something wrong with OCZ. They do offer low-voltage 1066 RAM, just not at the lower prices I was looking at.

    As OverClkr says, being satisfied with you RAM maker is often created by educating yourself about what you're ordering - before you order it.
  10. Yea, Im taking about regular 1066Mhz ram, not the new 1.8v Plats that came out recently....


    Those low voltage Plats are too expensive for what you get....But they do perform well =)
  11. I got the 2.2V for $51 on sale. Would have been quite happy if they'd swapped em with the 1.8V - but not even sure they were available 3 wks ago.
  12. What I don't understand is why sell those Plats at 73.99$ plus shipping.... Kinda makes you feel that you are getting ripped off since the only difference is the voltage.... =(
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