Issues installing Q9550 2.8Ghz Intel chip


Hoping you can help me please.

I was running a Q6600 2.40Gz chip fine for ages in a P5Q-E motherboard, and then decided to OC it to 3.0Ghz. Did this, and only changed AI to Manual, and my FSB to 300, and entered my Ram timings 4-4-4-12 and Dram voltage of 2.10.

The Vcore was quite high though, even though the computer was stable it was 1.41v.

So I dcecided to upgrade the chip to the Q9550 and clock up from there.

Ever since installing it, my computer has been failing Prime95 tests on standard default Bios settings!

It fails a blend test very soon into the test on 3 out of 4 cores.

I have tried to run Memtest, but keeps restarting my computer when it tries it.

Has anyone got any ideas or helpful suggestions?

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  1. System specs?

    Failing the large fft's or blend test indicates problems with memory settings.
  2. nilsy69 said:
    I have tried to run Memtest, but keeps restarting my computer when it tries it.

    If you cannot even run Memtest at all, you've definitely got a problem!

    Are we talking an ASUS P5Q-E motherboard? If so did you flash the motherboard to the last released BIOS 2101?

    If you didn't flash the BIOS, you'll need to reinstall the Q6600 to do it, then Clear the CMOS settings start from scratch and try the Q9550 again.

    Caution: If you do need to flash the BIOS, and Memtest will not run, no matter the M/B brand do not attempt to Flash the BIOS with the Q9550 cpu, go back and flash with the Q6600.
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