Dell - PSU for 4850

You'l have to bare with me as i've never done anythin like this before :(

A couple of weeks ago i bought a "XFX ATI HD 4850 650M 512MB DDR3 DUAL DVI TV "xXx EDITION"" so i could play a few games on the PC.

Long behold, i'd bought a card that a couple of people told me was good, yet now they were unsure of whether i would need a new PSU or not, and if it would actually fit in my system (mobo?) :S

Im currently on..

Dell Inspiron 530
Vista Home Prem.
Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
2 gb RAM
G33/G31 chipset
XFX ATI Radeon 4850 (not put it in yet)

Please give me some advice on what kinda state im in haha

Maybe recommend a PSU, preferably from somewhere like Maplins as i cant be bothered to buy online again but will if necessary. Also if my PC will actually cope with the demands of the 4850 and what not.

Thanks for any help

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  1. what kind of psu do you currently have? what is its power rating, do you know if it has a 12v line(is it a cheap manufacturers psu that doesnt have and extra wires for upgrades)?

    as for what i recommend, I am a fan of seasonic or corsair psu's. they wont kill your computer, are reliable when they tell you a power rating, and they carry a lot of current down their 12v rails for a beefy video card. of course these are just two of the good brands out there, but i havent seen a crappy psu made by them. I myself have an asus 4850 overclocked with an e8400 processor overclocked as well running on a 550 watt corsair. It's probably possible to go lower as far as power rating, but you'd be safe with 550. the main things you should look for with the psu is power rating, current on the 12v line, efficiency, and that it has all the right wires to run your other hardware. idk what your budget is, but this one would go above and beyond your needs. someone with more knowledge of power requirements could help you narrow down what you need and find a better deal.
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