Will my CRT monitor work with this video card?


I plan on getting this Graphics card...
not sure whether it would work with DVI to VGA adapter...

I know the picture shows it has VGA port, but some version of the same card has two DVI sockets, that's the only thing that troubles me, if the one in the picture isn't available, I'd take the other one(the one with two DVI socket)

the socket is DVI(White) but the port from my CRT monitor is VGA(Blue)...
I kind of read in some video card specifications the "DVI to VGA compatible", so I'm kinda thinking if it's one of it's features, some cards might not support DVI to VGA adapters...

so, will my CRT monitor with VGA port work on thealternative version ofthe video card(video card with 2 DVI slots)_?

hehehe,.,. I'm only 85% sure it would work, since it has a VGA socket, but some version of the same card has two DVI sockets.
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  1. Thats not a graphics card its a motherboard.
    I have not heard of a card that wont work with a DVI to VGA adapter, My last 4 Crads have all had dual DVI outs and came with the sdapter in the box.

  2. Mac is correct, that is a motherboard. you may have put the wrong link.
    Mac is also correct that their is nothing that would stop you from using a DVI video card with a CRT monitor.

    The adapter converts the digital sign back to a analog rbg signal. Though you will not get the full potential of the card with out a digital monitor.

    Go here for indepth explaination of difference of DVI/VGA
  3. oops!! wrong link



    Thanks a lot!!
  4. Yes it'll work even tho it has 2 DVI-I outputs you can still use a DVI to a VGA adaptor and convert the signal or a CRT Montior.
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