Powerhouse on a Budget - Help!

I want to build a PC out of quality but used and slightly out-dated parts? I ask because I cannot afford to purchase anything new today.

I was wondering, what are would be the best motherboard and processor combination to look for that I'd be able to pick up for a bargain today, but would have once been top-of-the-line, hardware.

Also, I was wondering what the best combination would be of today's technology that isn't the top of the line but would still give alot of grunt compared to the price.

Again, also, what would be the most expandable motherboard around. The one that will hold the most RAM/PCI/Processors, etc.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I don't recommend it. You can get a brand new pc (one at walmart came with a monitor) for $299 with vista operating system, and some come with a free windows 7 upgrade. Lenova has one listed at fatwallet with Intel e5200 cpu, 5 gigs of memory, and vista premium with free windows 7 upgrade for $299 purchased directly from lenova's website. Computer geeks has some decomissioned hp systems for around $200 shipped with various cpus, but no operating system.
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