Vapor-x 5870 Rev 2 OC

Hey i have had my 5870 vapor-X rev 2 for awhile now and im trying to OC it. i know that with Rev 2 vards i will never be able to change my voltage for crazy high OC's but i haven't been able to find a 5870 rev 2 BIOS that has the same subsystem ID so i can't flash the card and boost the core and mem speeds?

i kinda bought the card originally thinking i could just replace the BIOS and OC it really high with the better cooler didnt know that the rev 2 has no voltage control. without a hard mod. it's a pitty asus didn't make a 5870 with the same style cooler as their 5850. otherwise i woulda bought that.

i tried techpowerup's VGA BIOS collection but i can't anything that matches it. any one have one or know of one? heres the GPU-Z

PS. i did check other places for this BIOS and most questions about this seem to go unanwsered.
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  1. Do you have the CCC software? CCC: Catalyst Control Center
  2. yes, i have CCC installed that is how i get my Overclocks but because the card is locked i cant do anything more with it unless i unlock it via a bios flash. If i did manage to flash the BIOS i could have higher clocks and memory settings. sorry for the late reply was away.
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