Question re: old build dies right after I get new build running

Just completed putting together my first new build in 8 years last night. Took the PCI wireless card out of my 8-year-old rig (the card isn't eight years old) and attempted to add it to my new build. Found out after-the-fact that the PCI wireless card does not have any Vista drivers so I put the card back into my old rig. When I plugged my old rig back in and tried to turn it on, nothing happens. The green light on the mobo lights up when it's plugged in but pushing the power button does nothing.

I'm guessing that my PSU might be dead? All the main parts are over 8 years old after all. Any other suggestions of what might be going on with my old rig?

What I want to do is take out my HD from the old rig and set it up as a slave drive in the new rig so I can get the data off of it. Old rig was running XP (and then Windows 7 beta). New rig is Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

Should it be pretty easy to take out my old HD, pop it into my new rig, set the pins on it up so it's treated as a slave drive, and run it on my Vista machine so I can get the files off?

Anything I should be concerned about here or is it as easy as I think it is? If I set my old HD up as a slave, do I need to do anything with the pins on my new HD to set it as "master" or will that be done by default?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. Clear the bios.
    Your new drive is probably SATA and you don't have another IDE drive in the new system probably. So the old drive should be master.
  2. I ended up setting the drive to "slave" and plugging it into the new build. Computer saw it correctly right away and I copied all the necessary data to my new hd.
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