Please help me choose the right ATA/IDE to USB Converter Cable


I know very little about hard drive types (ATA, IDE, etc.), so I could really use some assistance trying to figure out what kind of converter I need to purchase. I am trying to get personal files off of my old laptop hard drive, but it will not boot. I am looking at purchasing a USB converter cable to attempt to save the files, but I am unsure what type of converter I need (since all of the pictures online do not look like they would fit my hard drive pins.) Here is all of the information off of the back of the drive:

IBM Travelstar,
Model: IC25N020ATCS04-0,
4200 RPM,
5V 1.0A DC,
P/N: 07N8367,
MLC: H68897,
CHS: 16383/16/63,
DS/N: TH-06J987-12567-259-2XAP, DP/N: 06J987, Rev A00

Thank you so much in advance. -JP
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  1. Bump...Any help would be great. I really need to get pictures of my children off of this drive. Thanks!
  2. This is the standard multipin connector mini-IDE on a notebook drive ?

    I've used a couple of different USB IDE adapters -- most have two sided adapter plug which takes either desktop or laptop sized drives. The only important thing is to note is which way up the adapter connects to the notebook drive -- as getting it wrong will result in damage. So before buying one if possible read the instructions and make sure that part is unambiguous.
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