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Hi guys,

I want to upgrade the video card on my dell dimension 4700 system. The psu on my system is 305w so I know my choices are limited. The card I'm looking at is the ati hd 4670. Although the site state the requirement is 400w, I read all over that many people are able to use it at 300w. I know it also depends on the ammount of hardware that is installed in your pc. My pc is running a pretty light load as of now.

I basically have: intel p4 530 3.0 ghz, 1.5 gig ram,1 harddrive(5400 rpm at most), 1 cd/dvd rom and 1 dvr-rw/dvd+rw drive.

From what I can gather the 4700 psu has a dual 12v rails at 18.0amps a piece.

With the load I have right now is feasible for me to run the hd 4670?
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  1. @ 2Kunlimited: Yes it`ll run fine, just make sure your case will accept a full sized card, not all Dell cases will.
  2. That 4700 is a mid-tower case, so it'll fit. You might want to upgrade the RAM is you were installing the 4670. The Dell PSU's are usually underated so it'll run great. I have a 280W PSU in my Dell and my GeForce 8400GS demands 350W but it runs fine.
  3. Do you guys think that cards maker overstate their requirements? My hardware combine doesn't seem to be too power demanding. I hope it works.
  4. Yes they will sometimes overstated to be on the safe side, a company doesn't want a bad reputation because they fried someones computer.
  5. They "kinda" overstate them... The so-called "requirements" are guidelines which also have to include the absolute garbage power supplies out there that barely put out enough 12V power to make a car's headlight blink, as well as high-quality ones that give you plenty of umph for decent video cards. That said, your Dell PSU is fortunately one of the latter, and a 4600 series card should work well within it provided you're not running extra HDDs, fans, lights, and/or overclocking your system (much).
  6. Installed the card and its working great so far.
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