Noob question on NZXT Tempest Case Fans

So - I am looking to save up and build a computer for the first time. I've been shopping for a while and have decided on the following case:

It comes with 6 fans and being a noob builder, I am not familiar with how to connect all 6 to the MB. Do some connect to the Power Supply? Which fans are essential to connect to the MB? I also see there are 5.25' fan controllers for this purpose. Are these worthwhile?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. You can usually connect 2-4 fans to chassis pwr headers on a motherboard, how many depends on what motherboard you have. The rest you can either run off the power supply using the 4 pin molex connects or use a fan controller. I think a fan controller would be a good idea for this case and other gaming type cases. You can then turn fan speeds down when you're only surfing and up when you need max airflow for gaming. The Tempest is a nice case.
  2. I have the tempest case, just took my 940 be out of it and put in in my new custom case I built from stratch. The tempest case fans all have 3 pin conectors to hookup to the mother board if you choose, except for the rear 120 fan, I believe it is a 4 pin that goes into your power supply. The 3 pin wires for the motherboard my not be long enough to reach your motherboard. I hooked up all of mine to the PSU. The tempest is awsome case, you will like it. Here is some pics of mine, I moded it and put water cooling in it, and painted the inside of the case, and put smoke glass on the side instead of the stock clear.

    Heres the new case I built from scratch. All 1/8" aluminum and granite. I like it better then the Tempest, but the tempest is a great case.

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