Intel T6400 vs AMD Turion X2 RM-72

Hi peeps, I'm looking at two laptops. Although not the best for gaming I need decent performance for older games. What would give me better gaming performance? an intel 6400 with an integrated Intel GMA X3100 chip or the AMD Turion RM-72 with a Seperate ATI Radeon HD 3200 RS780M? Thanks!
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  1. Separate ("discrete") graphics all the way.
  2. GMA X3100 found in GM965 is practically useless in anything 3D. HD3200 as found in RS780M is ok for older DX7 and DX8 games I think.

    The problem with discrete graphics has always been battery life under desktop/2D mode compared to intergrated. To solve that the latest development is in using hybrid graphics. Intel's GM45 provides such function when pair with a discrete GPU. e.g. ThinkPad T400 with GM45 + HD3450
    When plugged into main it'll switch to the HD3450 and when on battery it'll use X4500HD, all this is done dynamically without the need to reboot.
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