Where to next on a 955

Following the awsome sticky on this board ive got my 955 running at -

4118 mhz
200 x 20.5

Having just seen a cpuz screeny of a guy thats at

4800 mhz
2009 x 23

Im hungry for a little more.

Attempting to push the multy up to 21 blue screens me on boot up at that voltage, as does trying to push up the fsb to 205, so i assume i need to up the cpu voltage.

I right in thinking that and isnt 1.61 "just a tad to high" in the first place?

New to overclocking, this my first attempt.

Can i carry on or should i be happy n leave it at that?

If it helps im on water cooling and at this current clock my cpu is sitting at 44c
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  1. 1.5v is the max stated voltage that CPU can take. Because of this, I would say the guy you've seen running at 4.8GHz is either on some amazing cooling, has a £400 motherboard, a 'freak' chip that can take that voltage, or is simply burning his CPU and it will one day fail (maybe a mixture of all 4?).

    If you increase your voltage to 1.5v I would think you could probably get more from your CPU. Maybe 4.3GHz? Just a little at a time. Maybe increase your FSB to 201 and see if you can boot and run Prime95, then 202. etc etc. As soon as you blue screen up your voltage by the smallest increment you can and try to boot.

    My suggestion would not to go over 1.5v as your computer doesn't run very fast once your CPU turns to liquid ;).
  2. ^ + 1

    Not to mention AMD chips hit a wall at around 3.6/3.8 where they stop scaling and you really gain nothing from going over that speed. Anything over that is more for e-peen bragging rights.
  3. ^ +1 he's bang on.

    I've got my 720BE at 3.6 and have the same scores and FPS as most people with the same chip but at the maximum 3.7/3.8 speed.
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