Help me pick a motherboard.

What is a good solid mobo for my E5200 Dual Core CPU
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  1. Search for the May 09 System Builder's marathon in the articles. The $600 machine uses an E5200, and I'm assuming the motherboard the team used in that build is a great choice.
  2. They used an ASRock G41M-LE. It doesn't have solid caps, and uses the old ICH7. On a tight budget, I'm sure it isn't bad, but I'd probably want something a little newer.
    For only $70, check this one:
    Foxconn doesn't have the greatest reputation, but I'm toying with the idea of picking up one of these myself, to replace my orphaned Abit IP35 Pro. The reviews are mixed, but one can tell some of the bad ones were written by drones.
  3. What video card? Sli(nVidia) or Crossfire(ATI)? DDR3 Ram or DDR2.

    Thats a very good motherboard with DDR2 because DDR2 memory is much cheaper:

    If you want DDR3 memory:
  4. I'm sure it's just me right now, but I can't see spending that much on a S775 mobo any more. Thing is, for my apps and games a Q9450 is all the CPU muscle I'm likely to need, so ditching it for an i7 would be a waste. The time it will take for that to no longer be true is anyone's guess, but the Crystal Gonad doesn't seem able to see far enough into the future to tell. Only some flakiness developing with one of two of its ethernet ports, and some of its USB ports, is making me even think about replacing the Abit.
  5. Thanks guys for the advice.
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