Strange bootup this morning

OK, so I had some PC issues recently. I think it was related to a MS Windows Update gone bad...because it started right after. Reinstalled all HW drivers and all has been runnin stable for a few days now…no issues and memtest86+ v2.11 ran 2 tests of ~12 hours each w/o problems.

Strange thing this morning…I finally turned the PC off last night after having it on for a week straight. Went to turn it on this morning and nothing…fans went on, dvdroms powered up, heard the hd’s spin up, but no BIOS displays on boot up. LCD was completely blank (blinking power indicator shows that it wasn’t getting any signal from video card.) LCD is connected via DVI.

Multiple reboots didn’t fix it. After it sat for about 30 minutes, I rebooted it and all was fine.

Any ideas? You think this is an onboard motherboard issue? Power supply issue? Video card issue (god I hope not). Motherboard battery issue (BIOS clock has the current date and time).

It was like it needed to “warm” up first. Strange.

PC specs are:
Asus P5QL-E motherboard (December 2008 BIOS installed), latest HW drivers installed too.
Corsair XMS2 1 gig*2 PC6400, XMS2DHC 1 gig*2
Xfx 8800 gs 384 meg video
Onboard audio, ethernet
Windows XP sp 3 - all updates applied
Antec case, 500 watt Earthwatts power supply
MS 6000 wireless keyboard and mouse
Samsumg T220 22" LCD
APC UPS power strip
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  1. Here is another symptom...once the machine finally does boot up...the BIOS text is very dim. It then slowly brightens up. I know it's not the monitor because the monitor displays an "analog/digital" textbox of its own and that is extremely bright.

    Is it the power supply? Could bad memory be causing this? How can I tell if it's the motherboard? I only have 1 pc so I can't swap parts.
  2. Sounds like some sort of issue with the video card. Could find another one to that you know works to try in your machine?
  3. the bios coming up to brightness is not good, sounds like the vid card
  4. OK, it took awhile to get back to work on this but this is where I stand. Bios brightness is no longer an issue. I turned off the auto input detect on the lcd. It's manually switched to DVI. That seemed to fix it. Not sure why it became a problem but that fixed it.

    On a cold start in the morning, I get nothing on the screen. Let it sit in the "on" state for about 15 minutes, hit reboot and all is fine.

    I'm wondering, is my power supply not large enough?

    In addition to the what I have listed already above, I also have 3 hard drives in the machine (500 gig sata, 250 gig sata, 120 gig IDE) and 2 DVD burners. Is that enough along with the video card to strain the power supply?

    Why would it start to flake out after 6 months? Strain?

    How do you determine the wattage that you need?
  5. Also, I'm working on borrowing a video card from a friend. Just need to get it from him.
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