Upgrade Advice Please!

Hey everyone, I'm new here and decided to make an account because I'm looking for upgrade advice. I would appreciate any input people have. I'm not that computer technical but I do know the basics and understand what most things mean (to some extent).

Anyway, I'm a computer gamer so I'm looking for gaming upgrades. I bought my computer 2 years ago (I did not make it) and by now the processor and graphics card are a bit outdated.

All I know is I have:

NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Intel Core 2 CPU 6420 2.13 GHz

I'm sure really sure what other information you guys need.

Again anything you could tell me would be appreciated.

All the best,

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  1. First, what are you looking to spend.
    Second, what motherboard and PSU do you have?
    Third, are you willing to overclock?
  2. ur system is good
    get a better gcard
  3. Thanks for the fast responses!

    I'm looking to spend roughly $250, maybe $300 tops.

    My Motherboard type is DMI Dell DXP061.

    For my power supply, it says output is 375 Watts.
  4. Whoops, forgot to mention that I wasn't planning on overclocking, but if you think it might help or would work for my computer then I'm willing to give it a shot.
  5. I would suggest getting the Q6600 + ATI 4850(If possible the 4770)...you should be able to get both of them for about $300 and that PSU is a good quality PSU and it can handle these components...
  6. You'll need a new PSU if you upgrade the video card.

    Since its a Dell, you cannot overclock. Dells makes the BIOS so you can't.

    Your CPU is probably fine, but if you must, I'd go for something like an E8500 since you cannot OC.

    Your GPU is the problem here. 9800GTs and 4850s have both come down considerably in price and are leaps and bounds faster than what you have at the moment.
  7. you might need to get a new motherboard if you get a new CPU since the BIOS probably won't support it.
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