Is this Ecs Mobo any good?

Anyone know if this mobo is any good?
A store down where i live is offering a good deal on a gaming computer but im a bit doubtful about the mobo, other specs look good, 4890, ocz gold ram, Phenom II x4 955, 600 watt corsair PSU.
Anyone have some personal experience with it?
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  1. I am not quick to recommend ECS boards.
    But to be fair and to the point, this is a supposed to be a decent entry level/budget gamers board.
    I don't have one myself, I am just going by several reviews I have read around the web here and there. If you are not into heavy overclocking and tweaking, and are happy running your hardware at stock speeds or only slightly bumped up, I'd say if the price is right, yeah it'll probably be alright.
  2. I have built several systems to meet spec/cost with ECS motherboards, all just fine... The questions to ask is what kind of warranty are you being offered? The cost should be about $600 USD.
  3. I do not recommend ECS motherboards, I have assembled a few system using ECS boards and sad to say there were times when i had to return a few of those defective ECS boards but other than that it seems to be a good board for starters.
  4. Well its for a friend, he won't be overclocking at all, everything at stock speed and the pc comes with a year waranty.
  5. is $20 going to break the budget
    ASUS M4A78T-E
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