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im running a GA-Ma770/DS3 motherboard / 1 250 seagate harddrive / 1 dvd rom and burner / 1 agi 580 power supply / gtx 260-216 576 core/ looking to upgrade my processor that i have which is amd dual core 4000 i do not oc my products and this computer is used for gaming as well as everday use but mostley for gaming have 80 to 150 dollar limit but would like to stay around the 100 dollar range this is a AM2+motherboard that can be bios updated to support AM3 please help on what i should get looking for the best bang for the buck thank you
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  1. Since you don't OC, then the only choices are PhenomII X2 550 BE for about $110 and the cheaper Athlon II X2 250 $87.

    Phenom II X2 is a near match in performance with Intel's E8400 and the AthlonII is right betweem the E6300 and just shy of E7x00 series in performance.
  2. I have a couple of Phenom II machines here. Been rock solid so far and are good value. Even if the performance doesn't quite match the high end Intel chips.
  3. is the phenom x3 and x4 slower than the ones u are talking about ive seen a couple of them around 120
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