CPU fan is very loud, I have to manually turn it down with EasyTune6

I have a Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P motherboard with a Phenom II x4 955 cpu. When I turn on the computer, the fan gets VERY loud, then slows down a bit, but its still loud. I installed EasyTune 6 from Gigabytes site, and I manually brought the fan speed down to where I can barely hear it. My cpu temp is consistently around 45-48C.

Is there a way to keep the fan like this without using EasyTune 6? I thought the motherboard was suppose to control the fan speed.

Any tips/tricks?
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  1. I'm not entirely sure, but some BIOSes allow you to set a max fan speed. You should be careful though, the temps could be fine now, but under sustained heavy load, your CPU might overheat!
  2. trust me, the stock 955be cooler sucks. it sucks horribly. temps are always too high and as soon you utilize the cpu, the fan speed and noise skyrockets. IMO the stockfan is useless. you need to buy yourself an after market cooler. i chose the Mugen 2 from Scythe. it's the quietest cooler i've ever seen. it keeps even my overclocked phenom cool.
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