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I'm posting here because I'm at a loss. I have no idea what else I could try to search for or read about to solve this issue on my own.

I have a Western Digital, Caviar Green 1.5 TB HD; it came white box. I got it about a year ago when I was mostly rebuilding my computer. At the time, I tried to install Windows 7 onto it... but I had some problems that I can't exactly remember, and as I was anxious to get my computer up and running, I used an old hard drive and got things working.

Now I'm upset (again) that I have this huge, newer, nicer hard drive sitting around unused, and I've been trying to get it working.

So I start off by googling how to install a hard drive. Stuff says to use the OS CD to install+format. But if I try that, Windows 7 doesn't see the HD. So I google some more, and stuff says to check the bios. In the bios, my HD is not recognized. The bios does NOT simply show "None" for the channel that the HD is connected to though... it shows nothing at all. The channel with my other HD shows the other HD. The channel with my DVD drive shows the DVD drive. The channels with nothing connected to them show "None." But the channel with the WD drive connected to it just shows a blank.

Also, when I'm all booted up into Windows, it thinks that that the WD HDD is a "BD-ROM Drive" in My Computer.

And here I'm stuck. I can't find anything that tells me what I need to do to deal with this whole situation!
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  1. If your BIOS cannot detect that HDD properly, the drive unit itself may be faulty. Since it is WD, go to their website and download and install on your C: drive their disk diagnostics package, Data Lifeguard. I prefer to get the version that is really an .iso image of a bootable optical disk. You then need some CD-ROM burning software like Nero that can burn that .iso file image to a new CD-ROM.

    Once you have that diagnostic disk, put it into your optical drive. Reboot and go immediately into BIOS Setup to make the machine boots from the optical drive first (if it's not already set that way). Save and Exit to boot from your new CD. It will load a mini-DOS into RAM and give you a menu of tests to run. Make SURE you tell it to test the 1.5 TB Green drive you want to check. Run its tests and write down the results. If it indicates the HDD is bad, contact WD Tech Support about a warranty replacement. They will want your diagnostic test results before they authorize that.
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